Kinsley’s Resolutions: Here’s to a Great Year

2019 is well underway! To start the year off right, the Kinsley team made a few meeting & event planning specific resolutions:

Resolution #1: Exercise More!

As meeting planners, we know during a conference you can really log some miles moving between general session, breakout sessions, offsites and more. We crush Fitbit’s 10K daily step recommendation each day onsite. Back in the office it can be a different story in the weeks/months leading up to a conference as we analyze budgets, plan agendas, review signage and tackle work on the computer. In 2019, as a team, we resolve to move more! According to Harvard Medical School, walking for 2.5 hours a week (21 minutes a day) can reduce your risk of heart disease by 30%. What’s more, walking has also been shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of obesity.

And if that doesn’t get you moving – it can also help reduce stress! Break out those tennis shoes!

Resolution #2: Eat Healthier!

Let’s face it, food and beverage can sometimes make or break and attendees experience at an event. Meetings and conferences are opportunities to stray away from one’s normal diet – at least for a few days – with everything offered. And while we are not planning to cut out decedent desserts or savory bites at events we plan, rather, we will look for simple ways to give attendees the opportunity to keep things in check. Simple options include: adding whole fruit to breaks, offering sparkling water as opposed to soda, and serving salads with dressing on the side.

Let’s eat and be merry!

Resolution #3: Drink…Smarter

Happy hours, welcome receptions, and hosted bars can be a backbone to a great event. Why? Because they give / provide attendees a chance to network with one another in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.They can also be a hurdle for healthy lifestyles.This year, we plan to keep in mind these facts when it comes to sipping on alcoholic beverages:

  • Choose clear (ex. Gin or Tequila): they don’t have the added sugar that darker alcohols contain.
  • Tonic and Soda are not equals: tonic water has sugar, soda water is basically fizzy water – no calories there!
  • White or Red? Red wines tend to have a higher alcohol content which may lead to a hangover the next day, but white wines can be sweeter and more refreshing – leading you to drink more and get a similar hangover. Our vote: whatever you drink, chase it with water.

Resolution #4: Give to Others

For multi-day events, finding a pockets of time in the agenda for a volunteer event can provide an incredible ‘bang for your buck!’ A volunteer event allows attendees to network beyond the hotel or conference center walls. Volunteering connects your event to the local community which can lead to increased media exposure and help increase your organization’s public image. For your attendees, volunteering can be an opportunity to physically accomplish something, which in turn can help increase their sense of happiness and pride. These emotions then can be attributed to their overall experience during and perception of your event.The Kinsley team will strive to look for ways to help you, help others.

And finally, one resolution that endures from year to year:

Our Kinsley commitment to providing exceptional event and meeting planning service, delivering solutions outside of the box, and having some fun along the way.

Do you have a resolution this year? If so, we’d love to hear from you.