Steve Kinsley – MPIRMC’s Volunteer of the Week

Our very own Steve Kinsley was awarded Meeting Professionals International Rocky Mountain Chapter's Volunteer of the Week! See his interview below.


About Steve

At Kinsley Meetings our company is built on three pillars – Knowledge, Involvement & Fun.  For almost 18 years I have had the good fortune to work with my wife and a great team on a daily basis to share our knowledge, be involved in our industry and have fun along the way, with our customers, our wonderful team and our industry colleagues.  We are a full service meeting & convention planning company based in Littleton with offices in Savannah, GA, and Gig Harbor, WA.  We serve both association/society and corporate customers with programs ranging from 25 to 6,000.  Outside of the fun at the office, and on the road, I enjoy playing golf, fly fishing and cooking.


Why did you want to be become a volunteer for MPIRMC?

In all the places I have worked I’ve always been involved in some sort of community or industry service outside of my ‘job’. When I changed careers from hotel GM to meeting professional, and went to work with Allison, it made perfect sense to join MPIRMC as Allison was already a long time member and very involved.


How did you become a Volunteer?

I asked where we needed help! My first volunteer involvement was with our fun run. I think that was the last time we held it ☺ .


What is your best MPIRMC volunteer experience?

Wow, so many good ones. I think the best one was VP of Finance and working with Freddie and Keith to make sure each year that we were in the right place moving forward.


What advice can you give a member that might be apprehensive to commit to a volunteer role within our organization?

Why wait? In all the roles I have been involved with over the years I always got more out of volunteering than what I put into the position. New friends, new colleagues, and new customers. And Fun!


How many volunteer positions have you had through MPI? Which position did you enjoy the most and why think?

I have held 5 or 6 official volunteer positions. Along the way I have been involved in the fun run we used to sponsor, communications, the golf tournament, VP of Finance, President, various other committees and now a table host. They have all been enjoyable.

What keeps you motivated to volunteer?

A few things – first and foremost, the people. Every meeting I meet someone new, that is always fun. Secondly, involvement keeps you engaged in the industry outside of your job, which keeps you at the leading edge of our industry, learning new things. And finally, the opportunity to serve has always been part of my DNA, and I enjoy using my experience to assist others in their journey in the hospitality & meetings industry. I will always have coffee with someone seeking information or advise.